Assembly Language Programming and Machine Organization
Fall 2013

Instructor: Christopher Wilt
Office: Kingsbury W236
E-mail: wilt@cs.unh.edu

General Program Requirements

The programming assignments must be done in C. I will compile your lab and program submissions using gcc with these flags: -g -Wall -std=c99. Please test using these flags.

Each programming assignment will be worth 100 points.

The due date for programming assignments are posted with the assignment. Programs must be submitted on or before the due date. No credit will be given for late assignments under any circumstance. Please take note of the late policy for this class, and make accommodations accordingly. You are encouraged to begin assignments early, and if you do so, this will help you to complete your programs on time.

The grading of programming assignments will be based primarily upon demonstrated correct functionality. That is, you will be awarded points for what your program actually does. Some test cases may be public but others will be hidden, so careful testing will be required.

Points will be deducted from your programming assignment grade if your work is not adequately documented and structured. You must follow the following guidelines:

In addition, lines should not exceed 80 characters when printed using a tabstop width of 8. It is best to not put tabs in your files. Have your editor automatically expand tabs into spaces. It is also best to use a small indentation amount, like 2. I realize that many modern monitors support widths greater than 80 characters, but your code will be printed out, and the printed out version of your code will be used to assign partial credit, so it is in your best interest to make your code look as appealing as possible in dead-tree format.

If you have any questions about these rules for program layout, see me in advance, not after your first program submission.