Assembly Language Programming and Machine Organization
Fall 2013

Instructor: Christopher Wilt
Office: Kingsbury W236
E-mail: wilt@cs.unh.edu


Course grades will be assigned in the following manner:

Laboratory sessions are 50 minutes long and will be held on Wednesdays in Kingsbury N218 at the same time as class, 1:10-2:00. Each programming assignment will have between one and two labs associated with it. In general, the purpose of the labs is to encourage you to start the assignments early, and work on them steadily. Some labs will help you by providing you a structured environment to write a bit of code that will either be a useful component of a programming assignment, or a bit of code that will be useful for testing/development of a programming assignment.

Laboratory grades will be based upon attendance and correctness of your laboratory submission. If you attend all of the lab, you will receive 50% of the lab points, with the other 50% being awarded based upon the correctness of your submission. If you do not attend, then your grade will be based only upon the correctness of your submission. For example, if you attend all of the lab and you get 70% of the assigned functionality correct, then you will receive an 85% for the lab. But, if you do not attend lab and you get 70% of the functionality, then you will receive a grade of 70% for the lab.

Both labs and programs are due on the day specified in the assignment. No late submissions will be accepted. This is worth repeating. Unlike in other computer science classes you may have taken in the past, in this class zero credit will be given for late work. You must make sure you complete assignments on time!

To be fair to all students in the class, zero exceptions will be made to this policy.