CS 405 Assignment 6

Cashier Average Transaction Time Version 2 - Due March 4

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice with collections and string processing.

Program Requirements

At many stores, they track how long it takes a cashier to process a customer, and this this to identify the best and the worst cashiers. This program is an improvement on the previous program. The previous program would only allow you to average the times for a single cashier, but most stores have more than one cashier. To handle this situation, you should make your program instead process a file which contains data for one or more cashiers. Your program should appear as follows.

The load file button should bring up a dialog box that lets you navigate and find a file.

Pressing the calculate button should bring up a message box that says how each cashier did.

Pressing the Quit button should cause the program to exit.

Input Data

The input data is formatted as follows. A simple example is shown here. Each line consists of a cashier's name followed by a space followed by a floating point number. For each cashier, the output should print the cashier's name and the average of all the times for that cashier. Note that while the sample input happens to be sorted, this may not be the case in general.

For example, in the file Han has the following times: 33.3, 5.66, and 8.3. The average time for Han is 15.7533333 = (33.3 + 5.66 + 8.3) / 3.


Submission Instructions

To submit this program, I would like all students to zip their project, and send it to me. I would like you to submit the entire project, which should be named Prog_6_lastname, where lastname is your last name. For me, this is Prog_6_Wilt. Students should email their completed projects to cs405@cs.unh.edu.

Late Policy

The assignment is due prior to midnight on the listed due date. For this assignment, that means you must turn in your solution before to March 5.

Unlike other classes you may have taken in the past, no late work is allowed for this class. This is worth repeating, because it is extremely important: no late work is allowed for this class. We will move quickly, and I do not want students straggling behind trying to catch up on work from previous weeks, which is what generally happens when late work is accepted.