CS 405 Assignment 2

Board Price Calculator - Due February 4

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with text boxes, converting strings to numbers, and basic mathematical calculations.

Program Requirements

When run, your program should open a window with two text boxes, and a button that says "Calculate". There should also be labels, as shown in the following picture.

Pressing the button that says "Calculate" should bring up a dialog box with the price of the board, where the price of the board is the height multiplied by the width in dollars.

Input Validation

As you may imagine, human users type the darndest things. Ask for a number, and you may well end up with a string of complete nonsense, like "asdf", which is obviously not a number. Additional points will be awarded for figuring out how to identify input that cannot be interpreted as an integer, or a floating point. These will not be covered extensively in class, but looking on the internet you may be able to find ideas about how to do this. Additional points await the adventurous who undertake this quest. Invalid input should be treated as a 0.


Submission Instructions

To submit this program, I would like all students to zip their project, and send it to me. I would like you to submit the entire project, which should be named Prog_2_lastname, where lastname is your last name. For me, this is Prog_2_Wilt. Students should email their completed projects to cs405@cs.unh.edu. This is a slight change from what I talked about in class, because gmail rejects attachments containing executable files. As the term progresses I may attempt to work out a more advanced submission scheme, so please pay attention to the submission instructions for future assignments, as this may change for future assignments.

Late Policy

The assignment is due prior to midnight on the listed due date. For this assignment, that means you must turn in your solution before to February 5.

Unlike other classes you may have taken in the past, no late work is allowed for this class. This is worth repeating, because it is extremely important: no late work is allowed for this class. We will move quickly, and I do not want students straggling behind trying to catch up on work from previous weeks, which is what generally happens when late work is accepted.