CS 405 Assignment 10

Customer Tracking - Due April 10

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice with objects, text processing, and downloading files. Note that this program is number 10, as we have skipped number 9.

General Functionality

If you go to following website you will see that there are a number of files that you can download. Each file's name is the name of a customer. If you click on one of the files, you will see that the items the person purchased are in tab delimited format, one item/price pair per line.

When the user enters a name into the text box, you will need to try and download the associated file. If the user enters a name that does not exist, you should make an error message. If the user tries to download the same person's data more than once, you should also produce an error message.

Assuming the user has entered a valid name, and has not entered that name before, you should look at the file you downloaded and add the purchases to this customer.

When the user presses the "Aggregate Purchases" button, the program should produce a window as follows that prints each person's name, as well as the count of items purchased and the sum of the prices of all items purchased.

When the user presses the "Most Valuable Customer" button, the program should produce a window as follows that prints only the name of the person who has purchased the most stuff, as measured in amount of money spent. The display should identify both the person, ass well as how much money he or she spent.


If you are having difficulty with this program, you may submit a fully functional Program 8 and receive 70 points. If you submit a Program 8 that is not completely functional, you will receive 70% of the score your program would have received as Program 8.

Submission Instructions

To submit this program, I would like all students to zip their project, and send it to me. I would like you to submit the entire project, which should be named Prog_10_lastname, where lastname is your last name. For me, this is Prog_10_Wilt. Students should email their completed projects to cs405@cs.unh.edu.

Late Policy

The assignment is due prior to midnight on the listed due date. For this assignment, that means you must turn in your solution before to April 11.

Unlike other classes you may have taken in the past, no late work is allowed for this class. This is worth repeating, because it is extremely important: no late work is allowed for this class. We will move quickly, and I do not want students straggling behind trying to catch up on work from previous weeks, which is what generally happens when late work is accepted.